Czech Amateurs – Renata & Petr

Czech Amateurs - Renata & Petr
Another Czech couple is here to show you everything they do behind the closed door. Cute blonde and her boyfriend will show you all rooms in their apartment and perform hot sex in every single one of them. Starting in the bathroom, they will lead you into every corner of their place and their sexual life as well. Sucking, licking, swallowing, that’s just a small part of today’s menu. Join this sympathetic young couple on the tour of the Czech reality, where sex is performed everywhere, anytime, in every thinkable position. As always, there’s no script, no actors, just a couple of two young people with our camera. Authentic, real, uncensored, exactly the way you like it at Czech Amateurs.

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Czech Amateurs – Elena & Marek

Czech Amateurs - Elena & Marek
Czech couple willing to take you inside their bed is here again. A slim brunette and a muscular bald guy are eager to share all their intimacies with you and the rest of the world. Sex is a permanent part of Czech households and this one is no exception. You’ll have the opportunity to see these two amateurs fucking in front of camera for the first time, directing themselves, devoting themselves to pure bestial passion in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night. Let them show you how to serve breakfast: dip your cock into strawberry yoghurt and let your girlfriend lick it clean. Still hungry? Serve her mouthful of your cum and the nutritious breakfast is done. Well done, chef. Enjoy this spectacle you won’t see anywhere else at Czech Amateurs.

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Czech Amateurs – Sabina & Kristian

Czech Amateurs - Sabina & Kristian
To pique our interest, this pair decided to send us a video that’s heavy in POV scenes from both sides. Starring a beautiful and likeable blonde with big firm titties and a perfect ass, this private video is something you shouldn’t miss out on. Featuring scenes from their bathroom and from a quickie outside in the cold autumn weather, it’s a treat to watch how these two decided to have a good time with filming their debut film. Another Czech couple, glad to show you how horny and skilled they are. Enjoy at Czech Amateurs!

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Czech Amateurs – Adela & Honza

Czech Amateurs - Adela & Honza
This couple is as close to Barbie and Ken as possible. They are both blonde and cute, they live their happy lives and enjoy all the pleasures they can think of. You’ll witness very unusual wake-up call and even more unusual way of serving breakfast. You don’t usually eat your morning yoghurt out of your girlfriend’s pussy, do you? Later on, they will take you for a ride and you’ll learn how to drive while you cock is being sucked and where to stop to enjoy fucking. At home, you’ll meet their good friend, a dildo from under the pillow, which participates in most of their activities. In another words, this video is full of sex, orgasms, semen and everything you desire. All made by pure amateurs in the privacy of their love nest at Czech Amateurs.

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Czech Amateurs – Silvie & Boyfriend

Czech Amateurs - Silvie & Boyfriend
This couple will take your breath away. At least one half of the couple. This girl is hard to describe, there’s not a word that would depict her beauty and sex appeal. She won the Miss Erotica competition, is that enough for a description? This busty little girl is gorgeous and horny, can you imagine anything better? She seems to have some psychical issues though, it’s called oral fixation. She just loves to suck cock and she does it every time she feels like it. She gives her boyfriend head on a bus stop, in a dressing room, in the shower. She’s not ashamed to show her tits in streets of Prague, she doesn’t mind peeing in public, she was happy to give her boyfriend a foot-job. This amateur pair will win your heart (and other organs) even though you will remember the feminine part only. Your enjoyment is guaranteed at Czech Amateurs.

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Czech Amateurs – Eva & Pavel

Czech Amateurs - Eva & Pavel
Some pairs send us videos that are so full of emotions and scenes from their normal everyday lives that we tend to think twice about publishing them. But authentic emotions usually go hand in hand with amazing sex scenes, so the choice is never that hard… In this video, you’ll se another cute young girl pounded mercilessly by her proud boyfriend. Her thin body gets what she asked for and she still begs for more! These two will show you what a Czech pair does when they have a whole day just for each other. They do it outside, after they wake up and before they go to bed, basically all the time! Check their crazy little orgy out at Czech Amateurs!

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Czech Amateurs – Iva & Jan

Czech Amateurs - Iva & Jan
This Czech pair knows how to have fun – with a camera and some kinky toys, from dildos and vibrators to whips and a speculum. She’s a wonderful young thing with perfect titties and a firm hard butt. Her boyfriend Honza sure didn’t spare any opportunity to make her feel appreciated! You’ll see them go wild in a restaurant, at home, in their car and inside a dressing room at a local mall. They even decided to show us a wonderful anal scene. In combination with this young lady’s perfect slim body, it’s a treat to watch the ongoing poundings and punishments… You’ll also see her take a bath, use the toilet and try on some new sexy underwear. This is a unique opportunity to look into the private lives of amateurs. Enjoy at Czech Amateurs!

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Czech Amateurs – Marketa & Zbynek

Czech Amateurs - Marketa & Zbynek
This guy, Zbynek, is one proud husband. His cougar wife Marketa is so striking that he decided to make a video about their sex life, with some unbelievable scenes you definitely shouldn’t miss. For example, Zbynek decided to show us a mockery of an erotic strip-tease, but his talents aren’t what you’re looking for, are they? What you should be looking for is an amazing series of wet orgasms – Marketa should get some prize for the cutest and most intense squirting scenes ever. Just watch her go at it, this is some unforgettable goodness at Czech Amateurs!

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